What we can offer your facility:

  • Bereavement support for staff, not just the patient and family
  • Memorial services to acknowledge those who have passed
  • Celebration for important occasions 
  • Various inservices including: Stress Management, Caregiver              Fatigue, Hospice 101, Grief Sessions, Wound Care etc.
  • Music therapy, pet therapy, massage therapy, and art therapy for all to enjoy. Staff, residents, patients and visitors may all partake in any of these services 

We will tailor our hospice services to best meet the needs of your patients, residents, and your facility. Whether you would like us to tailor our comfort kit to include certain medications, or if you would like the hospice team to attend meetings, we will make it happen.

Heart & Vein Clinic

Dialysis Clinic

Oncology Practice

Retirement Community

Rehab Facility

Nursing Home

Assisted Living Facility

Partner With TLC Hospice

"Let our family take care of yours"

​                                              -James L. Fanelli RN

Tender Love & Care Hospice Inc.

"As President of TLC Hospice, my promise to you is that if you allow us a chance to become one of your hospice providers, I will personally visit to meet with your facility to find out exactly how we can best serve you and your residents. We will go above and beyond all your expectations."

My Promise to You:

James L. Fanelli. RN