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Don't wait until it is too late! To qualify for the hospice insurance benefit, the patient's physician must feel that the patient has a life expectancy of approximately 6 months or less should the disease run its normal course.  Patients may remain on hospice for a year or longer should their illness stall or not progress as fast expected.

Choosing hospice does not imply giving up or immediate death. Hospice is here to provide dignity, quality of life, and symptom management so that one may live comfortably for the remaining precious time they have. For many hospice patients, the quality of health will improve once their symptoms are managed properly and studies have shown that hospice care may actually extend ones life.

Is hospice right for you?

"Let our family take care of yours"

​                                              -James L. Fanelli RN

Tender Love & Care Hospice Inc.



General signs & symptoms hospice may be needed

Shortness of Breath





Weight Loss


Decreased Appetite

Once it has been determined that hospice may be needed, we will obtain an order from the patients primary physician to perform a hospice evaluation of the patient and their medical history. We then send a nurse out to the patients residence to assess the patient for appropriateness to receive hospice care. If the patient is appropriate, the patient will then be admitted into our hospice services.

During the first week, there will be initial visits from our Nurse, Social Worker, Chaplain, and CNA to assist with any personal, emotional, or spiritual needs of the patient and their family.  A routine visit schedule will be created depending on each individual patients needs. All of these services are included with hospice care, however, any service may be declined.

Your hospice nurse will order any medical equipment, supplies and/ or medications that  are required to treat the patient's terminal condition.

What you should expect from hospice: